Come visit us from 28.06 - 01.07 at the Oudenoord 700.

Frogs and other amphibian animals start of as tadpoles; tiny, fish-like creatures with gills for breathing and fins for moving through water. During the metamorphosis from tadpole to frog they develop lungs and limbs, their mouths widen, their intestines shorten; they get ready for a life on land.

In ancient Egypt, the frog was strongly connected to the mythology of creation, most likely because frogs hibernate in winter. They become as if they were dead; they stop eating and hide, even their breathing is minimized to almost-absence. In springtime, they are reborn, crawling from their narrow hiding places, eating, breathing, mating, creating.

At the time of writing this text, it’s springtime. The comfortable walls of the academy will vanish, we will develop lungs and legs and we’ll get ready for a life on land, perhaps once in a while plunging back into the secure spaces of the academy with its gently critical frameworks and external forces pulling the works out of you. We will crawl from our hiding places, we will create our own frameworks, platforms, productions and works of art.


In the Graduation Show - entitled I am sure you know what I am talking about - we will present you these first steps. We stripped and transformed the building of HKU Media so it can wear the graduation works of students from six departments: graphic design, photography, animation, illustration, audiovisual media & image and media technology. We will present our works in a setting with an extensive side program: talks and discussions, exhibition tours and live radio broadcasting.

See the time table or Facebook event for updates and practical information.

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